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oxman  Age : 35 ans
 Sexe : homme
 Ville : Montbéliard ()
 Pays : France
 Etablissement : Non renseigné

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Le profil recherché n'existe pas ou plus.
En voici donc un au hasard !

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dernier accès au site : 09/05/2006
membre inscrit le : 15/06/2002

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  Well, it looks to me like we're in for "Michael Weekend" real fast. I say this will last about two weeks. Maybe slightly less. Including the fuearnl, the attempted settling of various lawsuits, the question of who gets his children (I think it has been announced his mother will get custody of them) and the discussion as to whether Jacko really can truly be called the "Elvis of this generation." Among other things. Plus the sincerely real question of whether his demise was due to doctors/confidantes/friends administering drugs to him recklessly---aggravating his decades-long prescription drug habit, a la Anna Nicole. Another question is the very real possibility he may have had acute Anorexia, which may have been one of the contributing factors to his death. Honestly, I do not understand how he lived to be 50 with his various conditions. Since battle lines have already been drawn between roughly A) people who admit he was a "troubled, disturbed soul" but choose to remeber and testify to the greatness/genius of the enterntainer and to his impact in world culture, or B) folks who are muttering "Burn in Hell" under their breaths right now and are puzzled right now as to how anybody could like a "guy like him," I have to say I'm in the first camp. Whatever he probably did, that was not the "whole" of the man.The Almighty will "take care of him", whatever he did. If you are an atheist, one can say that posterity will be the judge. But we cannot just stop listening to his records and just dismiss him as a "sick molester" without first acknowledging that with a family like his, you'd turn out screwed up, to. No excuse for whatever he "did<" but one can "understand". Whatever he was or was not, he deserves admiration and some remembrance. RIP, King Of Pop.  
               OFiXfsEDLvLoaPjlKy (non membre) (04/05/2013 10:57)
  salu!! unvote for you!! biz  
               moustik (07/02/2006 22:06)
  + 1!! fais de meme si possible lol!  
               pacifik (03/08/2005 20:36)
  wesh bijour chu du 2-5oci!  
               mimy25 (05/01/2005 21:48)

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